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Guest Post from Ron Ramsey – Recycling in Gjilan

Just wanted to write a quick thank you for the work you are doing in Kosovo. We first “heard” about you with the article that appeared in the Prishtina Insight on collecting bottle caps for wheelchairs. My Kosovo friend and I had just started a recycling company in Gjilan, Kosovo at that time and rather than sell the caps we started collecting them and turning them in at AUK through BLyn our friend in Prishtina for wheelchairs.

I just read through the Green Pages and wanted to let you know about how we got started as it something we have thought about extending to other cities in Kosovo. We went around to the cafe bars and restaurants in Gjilan and offered to give them a recycling container and bags if they would start saving their plastic bottles, cans, etc instead of throwing them in the trash. We currently collect from them 3 days a week. We have also given containers to individuals for their homes, and have some in the local private universities. After we got started with that we opened up our own recycling plant and now purchase plastics from the local collectors. Many of the collectors come to us now as we treat them with dignity and respect, not only giving them a fair price and not cheat them on the weight but offer them a cold drink of water or soda and something to eat when we have it available. We also give them a logo’d tee shirt after they collect and deliver 500kg of plastics to us.

Another thing we have in the works is a “coloring book” for educational purposes as we believe that if we educate the young people in Kosovo about the benefits of recycling now it will make for a better Kosovë in the future. We also teach our workers best business principles and practices as something they can use now and in the future. I have attached a copy of our brochure in english and albanian if you are interested in taking a look at it.

Ron Ramsey (E: ramzoo@mac.com) runs a recycling company in Gjilan. See attachments in Albanian and English for further details.