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Office Supplies

Another way of being kind to the environment and the local economy at the same time is to source your office supplies locally.

Europrinty Various locations in Prishtinë/Priština
This chain sells general office supplies, including recycled paper. If you can’t find what you are looking for they are usually very helpful in trying to find it for you. Contact – P: 038 245 263 or 038 725168.

Ink station Boulevard Bill Clinton
Refill your printer cartridges at Inkstation. Printer cartridges can usually be refilled up to 5 or 7 times. Contact – E: info@inkstation-kos.com

Night Design printers A printing service offering the option of printing on recycled paper and using recycled ink. This guide was printed by Night Design! Contact – E: krenar.basha@gmail.com

Zdrukthtaria Hashani Bottom of Dragodan
The Hashani family make a variety of furniture to order. They don’t have a showroom, you simply have to go to their workshop and tell them what you want, and they will suggest the type of wood to use, as well as what will work and what won’t work in the nicest possible way. Somebody is usually there who speaks English. Contact – P: 044 247 579 or 049 247 579.

Mobileria Blini Dardani, Ferizaj/Uroševac, 10 km from Ferizaj/Uroševac on the way to Gjilan/Gnjilane, 2km after Camp Bond-Steel. This shop has a showroom and makes a large amount of furniture to order. Favourites include the beautiful garden furniture. Contact – P: 044 281 321 E: mobileria_blini@hotmail.com. If you need someone to translate from English, call the son, Irfan, on 044 324 539.