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Kosovo has an inadequate waste management system, which means that plastic bags which enter the ecosystem are likely to end up snagged on trees, blooming in the fields or choking the waterways. Did you know that plastic takes 400 years to biodegrade? So…want to be plastic-bag free? Try reusable cloth bags or paper bags instead.

Cloth bags
The Ideas Partnership runs a micro-finance project where residents of the Roma village of Serbobran/Srbobran are making environmentally-friendly, reusable cloth bags. It means a little more employment for a village and a little less plastic for a country. Orders of bags can be personalized with a photo or logo. Contact – P: 044 584 215 E: theideaspartnership@gmail.com

Paper bags
Remzije Januzi creates shopping bags from newspaper. Orders can be collected in Mitrovicë/a or Prishtinë/Priština. Contact – E: remzijejanuzi@hotmail.com FB: Punime Dore Remzije Januzi

The Dit e Natë (Fazli Grajcevci Street no.5; E: info@ditenat.com; FB: Dit’ e Nat’) bookshop and Dukagjini bookshop (Nenë Terezë Street no. 20; P: 038 248 143/244 031) both offer their customers strong paper bags.

‘Say NO to plastic bags’ campaign
Want to refuse plastic bags in shops? The Ideas Partnership can provide you with a card carrying the slogan “Say NO to plastic bags. Plastic bags become garbage in Kosovo’s fields, trees and rivers”. The accompanying Facebook group has the same slogan: ‘Thuaj JO qeseve të plastikës/ Say NO to plastic bags.’ Join the group if you’re interested, or contact them if you’d like some cards. Contact – P: 044 584 215 E: theideaspartnership@gmail.com