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Buy Local

There are several good reasons to buy locally in Kosovo. Fewer imports mean less transport pollution, lower carbon footprints and more self sufficiency and investment in the local economy. And did we mention how tasty the local produce is?

Asking for local produce

If you’re in a shop and want to make a bid for local produce, you might find the following useful:

‘Is this a local product?’

Albanian: ‘A është produkt vendor?’ (phonetically ‘ah usht proDUKT venDOR’)

Serbian: ‘Da li je ovo proizvedeno na Kosovu?‘ (phonetically ‘da lee yeh ov-oh pro-iz-ved-en-oh nah Kosovoo?’)

Drink local water…There is a large range of locally sourced mineral water available in Kosovo and it is easy to ask for…cards are available from The Ideas Partnership which say “I want to drink Kosovan water: Dea, Bonita, Kllokot, Rugova, Akull…are fine for me and for the Kosovan economy.” Filikaqa sports bar and the Amelie chain of cafes offer Kosovan water if you ask for it.

Eco life – if you want to save the environment than you will have chance now to buy local letter cup to use for different purpose contact them on 044 139425/ 049 620509 or ecolife_ks@hotmail.com

Eat and drink the excellent local producesuch as Stone Castle and Eko wine, locally made Raki, Vita milk, Frutomania 100% juice and Dona juice or why not try Ajvar, a smoky relish made from locally grown red peppers. Kosovan honey is excellent and most is mixed with wildflower honey from bees that have foraged on a range of flowers. There is also a dark, nutty chestnut (‘geshtenje’) honey which goes particularly well on porridge and a fine acacia (‘bagrem’) honey. It’s also possible to find delicious lavender honey from some beekeepers.

Check out the markets in Ulpiana or behind the Great Mosque in Prishtinë/Priština for fresh produce. The main green market and the wholesale vegetable and food market is on the road to Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje behind UNMIK.

Or grow your own…


Vullneti i Grave or ‘Women’s will’ is a group of women skilled in handicrafts from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in Roma Mahalla, Mitrovicë/a.

The idea behind our products is to combine traditional handicraft techniques used in Kosovo, such as crocheting, with innovative and environmentally-friendly materials. Looking at the amount of waste, especially plastic bags, that litter the streets and parks in Mitrovicë/a, the women felt that by ‘recycling’ these bags they could make their own small contribution to a cleaner city and inspire other people to think about the environment.

Our products are available for sale on www.vullnetiigrave.com or facebook/vullneti-i-grave

Read more about DRC’s work in Roma Mahalla and Kosovo here: www.drc-kosovo.org

Remzije JanuziRemzije creates many different hand-made, decorative ornaments and pieces of jewellery, images of which can now be found on her Facebook page Punime Dore Remzije Januzi. To make an order, please write her a message on Facebook or email indicating the number of the picture or by sending her the link of the item. Orders can be collected in Mirovicë/a or Prishtinë/Priština. Contact – E: remzijejanuzi@hotmail.com

Peki Pek Peki Pek makes beautiful handmade jewellery. Check out details about her shop on her Facebook page Peki Pune Dore.

Delvina antiques In Prishtinë/Priština and Prizren, there are branches of the small Delvina antiques/ handcraft store offering unique gifts and souvenirs.

Filigree Kosovo is famous for its handmade filigree jewellery. It is made by soldering individual hard silver wires or small silver balls into a delicate lattice design. Prizren is the best place for filigree – in particular, try Filigran SHPK, a co-operative that will demonstrate the craft to you, let you have a go at it if you visit their workshop, and take commissions as well as having stock for sale. SHPK Contact – E: filigranpz@gmail.com P: 044 139 539

There are also some good shops in Prishtinë/Priština on UCK Street, some by the pharmacies near the District Court, and Krenare Rakovica (Contact – P: 044 833 118 E: krenare.rakovica@gmail.com) who makes her own filigree jewellery and has a shop opposite the Grand Hotel on Garibaldi Street.

In Pejë/Pec, the filigree which uses a distinctive style of designs built around small balls of silver can be seen in the Çivlaku workshop in the market. Contact – P: 049 684 496

Other handcrafts

Greeting Cards AG handmade cards for different events! You can find it in facebook as a fan page ‘Greenting Cards AG’ or send an email ‘handmadecardsag@gmail.com’ or contact directly to 049 334 384

Emina is a Bosnian women’s group in Mitrovicë/a which makes a range of traditional handcrafts. Contact – P: 049 838 423 E: emina011@hotmail.com.

Another handcrafts group from Mitrovicë/a is the miners’ wives NGO. Contact – P: 044 565 768/ 049 673 816.

Traditional rugs can be bought by the side of the road (on the left as you approach from Prishtinë/Priština) just before the entrance to Pejë/Pec.

The last potter in Kosovo is Luan Qukani, making the traditional ‘tava’ pots and bowls. He is based in Gjakova/ Đakovica. Contact – P: 044 245 989

Handmade bags! – I’m Lu

st. Gustav Mayer no. 17, Prishtina 10000

The person that carries stuff does not regret and who has a good bag is happy but who gives to someone as a gift a bag from I’m LU makes that person to feel special and pleased.
Come on, choose and search for the special and the best one!


Deshira – Handmade Decorative and Aromatic Candle – handmade candle made in Kosovo, you can find more information at their page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deshira-Handmade-Decorative-and-Aromatic-Candle/233316773404151?ref=hl or contact Herta Manxhuka directly at +377 44 120 568


Sa PunëThe Ideas Partnership set up a soap making micro-finance project with women from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje. The brand name for their essential-oil-fragranced, all-natural soap is ‘Sa-punë’, a pun on the Albanian words for ‘soap’ and ‘what a lot of work’. The soap costs 2 euros for a neat handmade drawstring bag containing one baror three guest soaps. Individual soaps and customized bulk buys are available. Contact – P: 044 584 215 E: theideaspartnership@gmail.com

Face cream The Gjakovë/Đakovica based women’s shelter make honey-based face creams. Contact – P: 044 161 857 E: linjajuaj@yahoo.com

Sapuni organik i Valbonës/ Valbona’s organic soap –100 % organic soap which is good for your skin and it contains no chemicals. For more information you can find them in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sapunat.e.bones or contact Valbona Hoxhaj directly +377 44 219 949 or vaki_valbona@hotmail.com

Organic products

Bio Natural Shop UCK Street past City Hypermarket, opposite Kosova Petrol. This shop sells essential oils and soaps. Check out the Facebook page BioNatural Shop. Contact – P: 045/049 227 220