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Prishtinë/Priština has an ever growing traffic congestion problem, which adds to the already grim air quality in the city. There are plenty of alternatives to travelling by car or taxi.

Buses In Kosovo buses are cheap, frequent and cover most of the country. The bus station in Prishtinë/Priština (Lidja e Pejes Street P: 038 55 00 11) serves all Kosovo and international destinations. The times to all major towns in Kosovo are displayed above the windows within the bus station and are usually reliable. See also the Inyourpocket guide for times http://www.inyourpocket.com/kosovo/pristina

Most trips cost around 3 or 4 Euro. In Prishtinë/Priština, buses cost 40cents and are frequent and efficient. See the different routes on the online map at http://prishtinabuses.info/

Trains Trains are Kosovo’s best-kept secret. The seats are like armchairs and you can make yourself comfortable and look out of the window as you admire the beautiful countryside.

The train station in Prishtinë/Priština is west of the centre near the end of Garibaldi Street. The station serves trains to Pejë/Pec and Skopje via Fushe Kosovë/Kosovo Polje train station, Sheshi i Lirisë, 7 km west of the city centre.

Find up to date information about timetable and prices for all rail travel starting in Kosovo online. Click for the English version and then on ‘passenger transport’ and ‘train schedule’. Contact – W: http://www.kosovorailway.com/ E: info@kosovorailway.com. P: 038 536 619 / 038 550 550 242 / 038 550 550 500.


There is a second hand bike lot at M2/E-65 between Llugaxhi and Babush, where bikes can be bought for 50 Euro.

Anadolli bicycle shop in Pejë/Pec, Mbreteresha Teuta Street no.122, sells and rents bikes.

New bikes can be purchased at Sporting, Rustem Statovci Street, Prishtinë/Priština. Contact – P: 038 220 029 E: info@sportingks.com W: http://www.sportingks.com/

Don’t forget about carpooling Fewer cars on the road means less exhaust fumes and less terrible traffic congestion in Prishtinë/Priština!

Check out the environmental impact of different modes of travel at http://www.transportdirect.info/Web2/Home.aspx?&repeatingloop=Y