The following NGOs would be happy to receive your support!

The Ideas Partnership NGO. Working on educational, cultural and environmental projects. Contact – P: 044 584 215 W: http://www.theideaspartnership.org/ FB: Theideaspartner Ship

GAIA Kosovo Youth Culture and Sports Hall 114, Luan Haradinaj Street, Prishtinë/Priština. An organization working in the field of peace promotion, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice, sustainable development and respect for the environment. Contact – P: 049 216 164/049 802 597 W: http://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/

REC Kosovo (Regional Environmental Centre), Kodra e Diellit, Enver Maloku Street no. 28, Kati I V te, Prishtinë/Priština. REC’s mission is an environmentally sound Kosovo with actively participating citizens working towards sustainable development. Contact – P: 038 225 123 E: info@kos.rec.org W: http://kos.rec.org./

Finch A Kosovan birdwatching NGO which works to record, celebrate and protect Kosovo’s bird population. Contact www.flickr.com/groups/qemdfinch/

See also…

Guerrilla gardening Guerilla gardeners take over unlovely parts of cities and plant flowers there, providing a more beautiful, healthy and inspiring environment for all. They do it for love, for fun or for the good of the planet – and they do it in Pristinë/Priština! Contact – P: 044 170 703

Green Drinks A monthly informal networking opportunity for people who care about green issues. Contact The Ideas Partnership to be added to the mailing list or join the Facebook group Green Drinks Pristina



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